Nicholas Zvegintzov
141 Saint Marks Place, Suite 5F
Staten Island NY 10301 USA
telephone +1-718-816-5522
telephone +44-7783-500937


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Nicholas Zvegintzov

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Nicholas Zvegintzov is a technical writing and software consultant who specializes in techniques and technology to manage and document installed software systems.

Projects include:

He has a degree in Psychology and Philosophy from Oxford University. He performed research for Britain's National Physical Laboratory, and did doctoral research in computer science at Carnegie-Mellon University, in Pittsburgh.

He gave the 2007 Stevens Lecture on Software Development Methods at the European Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering.

Mr. Zvegintzov edited the newsletter “Software Management News” whose widely-trusted reports spanned the universe of installed software.

His other publications include:

He speaks English and French.